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Privacy information

This privacy information covers all our Yoti world demos*. Using the demos involves sharing personal information with Yoti.

For Digital ID demos we generate a share receipt for each party that contains the data shared. You will get a receipt in the activity feed in the app, but we automatically delete our copy as soon as it is generated.

For Age Estimation demos we delete the photos as soon as you get the result. For consumer facing demos we do log activity values for a year.

For Age Verification demos we do not store any personal information.

For eSignatures demos we do not store any personal information.

For Identity Verification demos we allow you to try out the product from a user's perspective. We delete any information you share during these demos within seven days.

*All of our demonstrations can be found on We do not store any personal data as part of our demonstrations. For Facial-age-estimation demo Yoti will log the age range, the age, the timestamp and feedback as part of our analysis of the product.

For privacy information about the Digital ID and our other products, please see

For all privacy queries, please contact

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Last updated: August 2021