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You’ve arrived at the Yoti World demo site. Here you can see how Yoti’s anti-spoofing works.
Your data is safe
All of our demos permanently delete any identifying data you share, including activity logs and the scan of your face.

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This site lets you apply for a new Bank Account. If you are looking to Sign In to an existing account, click here

Getting started

To process your application we need to confirm your identity and run a few checks.

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We use our identity partner Yoti to confirm your identity. To share your details with us please scan the QR code below with the Yoti app. Or for more detailed instructions, click on ‘How to create a Yoti account' below and follow the steps.

Scan with Yoti to open your account

Don't have a Yoti? Upload your ID document in your browser.

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  1. Download the free Yoti app:
  2. Follow the steps and add an ID document.
  3. Wait a few minutes for your details to be verified and your account to be approved.
  4. Once approved, simply scan the above QR code to identify yourself and log in to your account.
Help and support
Yoti is your digital identity app. It’s the simplest, most secure way to prove who you are online and in person. Prove who you are to businesses and other people, prove your age on nights out and log into websites without usernames or passwords.
Yoti is free. Businesses pay a small fee each time they check the identity of a customer, and that’s how Yoti makes money. Yoti will never sell your information to third parties or track how you use the app. In fact, once your account is verified, Yoti has no access to your information whatsoever. It is your personal information, and only you should choose who it is shared with.
Businesses are finding new ways to use Yoti all the time. Right now, you can:
  • Easily share your verified details (e.g. your age) with other people and businesses remotely. You can choose to send a share request via text, email, WhatsApp and more. If the other person doesn't have Yoti they will be prompted to download the app and create an account.
  • Share your verified details with other people and businesses online and in person.
  • Log into a Yoti accepting website simply by scanning a Yoti QR code.
  • You can also log into websites without a username or password with using our free Yoti Password Manager.
No more than 5 minutes.
We need to know that it’s really you creating a Yoti for security purposes. It helps us prove that the photo you take earlier in the process is of you. The reason we do this is to stop people from creating fake accounts.